A $250bn automotive brand that recently relocated their North American offices faced significant hurdles in change management.  One such problem was ensuring that their longstanding employee vehicle leasing program remained compliant with state laws.  Our job was to investigate these new regulations and provide an executive overview of our findings. 

We also took the opportunity to analyze the program’s current state and provide our recommendations that would allow for more data-driven decision making and increase program participation while minimizing the impact on current team members.

My role:
- Conduct stakeholder interviews and perform a deep dive analysis of the current vehicle leasing process and technology
- Investigate new state laws and regulations pertaining to corporate vehicle leasing and perform an impact analysis
- Deliver a research summary with detailed findings and recommendations
- Create executive summary (A3) to build project momentum and achieve internal stakeholder alignment across business units

Due to strict confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements, I am unable to publicize work that can be directly linked to the client.  However, I can speak to the iterative process/challenges overcome in-person.

Other work

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